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A Reality Show for the Social Media Oriented World!

A small town must decide their “pecking order” lining up from the most important, to the least important person in town, in seven days for a prize. But first they must decide how to define “importance.”

In the ever-evolving world of entertainment, Global Talent Representatives, Inc. (GTR) is a launching pad for those who aspire to greatness. A diversified company with an entertainment career management mindset, GTR has grown from its original position as a holding company for National Writers Literary Agency to become a boutique management company.

Strong industry ties combined with a highly talented client roster have helped the company create a sustainable presence. The company has developed: authors, directors, producers, playwrights, radio DJ’s, musicians, on-air television personalities, television, webisodes, films, and provides unique opportunities for creative media financing 

Visitors are encouraged to learn about the company and its vision, and may submit a representation query directly through the site.

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