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The Eternal Struggle: Two Worlds, One War

by James Rourke

Niccolo Bontecelli and Seamus O’Malley thought their afterlife would simply be a peaceful journey to Heaven. Little did they suspect their path would lead through Hell!

“Rourke has done a masterful job of combining the physical and the unknown spiritual world to develop a meaningful and believable tale. …interesting and compelling, regardless of whether you believe in spirituality or the afterlife.”

~ Rick Fess, Book Reviewer and founder of www.spiritualfictionbooks.com

Cursebreaker (Order of the Scrolls)
by Nancy Wentz
A ten-year-old boy known as Luke escapes from his abusive father, and a local pastor takes him in only to discover that the boy is a prophet with a powerful anointing from God. Luke s gift of prophecy leads him into direct confl ict with the Fratellis, a powerful mafi a family with a generational curse of demon possession dating back to the sixteenth century.

Beyond Peleliu
by Peter Baird
New York Times bestselling author of Dead Man Walking, Sister Helen Prejean says,” A must-read book, not only for those who fought in World War II, but for all of us living in a time of many wars around the globe. This book can be a source of forgiveness and healing for those who inherit the demons of war.”  A story that rivals The Christmas Box for pulling heart strings, Beyond Peleliu brings home the agony, and subsequent redemption, of one soldier's father-son relationship.

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