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Secrets of the Great Golf Course Architects

By The American Society of Golf Course Architects, Michael Patrick Shiels

Secrets of the Great Golf Course Architects offers readers behind-the-scenes tales from America’s master architects themselves in their own words. Elite designers such as Tom Fazio, Jack Nicklaus, Pete Dye, Rees Jones, Robert Trent Jones Jr., Arthur Hills, Arnold Palmer, and others share their personal anecdotes related to the creation of some of the world’s most famous courses: from run-ins with snakes to bulldozers sinking in quicksand, to holes created by accident, such as the famed island green 17th at the TPC at Sawgrass.

Blondie Goes To Hollywood: The Blondie Comic Strip in Films, Radio & Television
By Carol Lynn Scherling
Blondie Goes to Hollywood is the very first book to chronicle the films, radio and television series based on Chic Young's classic comic strip, Blondie. With an introduction by TV's Will Hutchins, and much more!

The Reel Truth

By Reed Martin

“Reed Martin has created a smart, engaging read that is also one of the most comprehensive and cutting-edge looks at the changing face of independent-film production and distribution today. This is the one book I would call essential for anyone who really wants to make a career out of filmmaking.” —Drew McWeeny, aka Moriarty, Ain’t It Cool News


Using current examples like the trial and tribulations of Sideways director Alexander Payne or the financing behind Swingers, Martin dispenses practical advice culled from real-life indie hits and misses that is both inspiring and cautionary. For certain technical information (sample budget breakdowns and representation contracts), Martin includes a solid appendix in what is ultimately an informative and very entertaining account of the indie film for would-be independent filmmakers and producers.

“This book is indispensable.” —Tom Bernard, Copresident, Sony Pictures Classics

The Comic Book Curriculum: Using Comics to Enhance Learning and Life
By James Rourke
The Comic Book Curriculum: Using Comics to Enhance Learning and Life shows teachers how to use these ever-popular stories to enliven any classroom. The book does not suggest replacing classic works with comics. What it does offer is ideas and techniques for using comics to generate interest in a topic and for transferring that enthusiasm to more-traditional classroom lessons.

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