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WB, Cheyenne greet 'Season'

Warner Bros. Pictures is optioning the mystery novel "Open Season," with Arnold Rifkin and Bruce Willis' Cheyenne Enterprises attached to produce.

Film rights to Joseph Montefusco's unpublished first novel THE DOORMAN, in which a stuntman with no fear of death is tricked into taking the grim reaper's place, and discovers he must find a replacement before time runs out or forever be the doorman, to Mark Headley (Killers, Corpses, Diamondbacks), for a mid-six figures.

Film rights to Andrew Coleman's novel Attitude Problem to Singer White Entertainment.
Seventeen-year-old Eric Munson is a rebel with a history of being kicked out of school, but when he meets the ""zombie-like"" students at his new school, and one of them is found dead, Eric and his new friend, Debbie, must rely on their bad attitudes to save their lives.

A dying convict's last request thrusts small-town newspaperman Jefferson Morgan into a deadly maelstrom as he explores a fifty-year-old case of child murder -- a wound his town still isn't ready to scrape open. Under the heaviest deadline of his life, and amid threats from unexpected foes, Morgan must struggle with his own conscience to tell a story no matter the consequences, dig deep into the town's past, and unveil a killer who's managed to remain unmasked for almost 50 years. To John Husband at RMP Motion Pictures (Option Expired)

The Winsor Wizards optioned to Rick Van Vleet at MGA Entertainment. The story of the 1924 basketball sensations from the tiny town of Windsor Colorado who stunned the nation by becoming National Champions.

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