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National Writers Literary Agency

National Writers Literary Agency was originally formed in 1981 by Donald Bower. Bower, then the Executive Director of The National Writers Club, an organization that had existed since 1929, hoped to offer a new conduit into publishing for their hundreds of qualified members. A published author of nine books including the novel Sex Espionage, and dozens of magazine features, Bower had become frustrated with the endless search for an agent, as had many of the professional writers he interacted with on a daily basis. 


Often reading contracts for free, Bower made a name for himself and the agency, as a place authors were welcome and could count on receiving professional help.


In the ten years Bower ran the agency he enjoyed a string of successes that were not limited by scope or genre, an attitude still reflected by the more modernized version of the agency.


In 1997, the agency was all but a faint memory for many, as Bower had retired without a successor, when it was revived by Andrew Whelchel. Since the agency’s rebirth it has enjoyed a series of highly successful years, creating a brand name presence for the authors represented by the company.