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Project Funding
G.T.R.'s projects have a strong history of 10%+ returns for investors! Over 85% of our 150+ deals have returned the full investment plus in some cases 300% profit.

Private funding of past projects has a overwhelming success rate. While those listed to the right are real people using their real names the company would request that contact with these individuals be made through G.T.R., Inc.

Dominic A. – a former MLB player for the Expos, Dominic was introduced to entertainment investing by another investor in a G.T.R. client. He provided bridge loan funding for a television pilot. While the network didn't move forward with full development his funding was rewarded.
Total Return Time: 9 Months
Return: 110%
Invetment $20k
Return $22k

Patrick C – an aggressive entrepreneur and founder of a booming music school in New York, Patrick was a seed money investor in a feature film now scheduled 2013. The length of the return time was negotiated in advance, and the project while being much larger and more complex than planned it progressed to meet the return requirements through licensing, merchandising, and other pre sales.
Total Return Time: 24 Months
Return: 110% + Future Royalties
Investment: $110k
Return: $121k

Mildred W - a former liquor store owner with an aggressive investment strategy. Millie was introduced to entertainment investing by a family friend. She provided a bridge loan for branding, and event financing on a GTR client project.
Total Return Time: 30 Days
Return: 112%
Investment: $10k
Return: $11k

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